Attract. Recruit. Retain.

Matrix MSG was born out of the belief that attracting great new talent and reaching out to members doesn’t have to be complicated. Planning your marketing and advertising doesn’t have to be stressful. And implementing these strategies doesn’t have to be expensive.


As budgets stretch, the cost of advertising agencies soars. We’ve taken a step back, pooled our resources together, and formed an ad agency that’s affordable yet reliable.

We’re a network of experienced individuals who have all worked for large and small advertising agencies. And we are supported by a leading not-for-profit recruitment consultancy which thrives on an ethical approach to recruitment.


Matrix MSG

Who we are.


We are backed by The I Am Group - which owns both the specialist recruitment agency I am recruiting and memcom, the leading resource for professional bodies and trade associations. With this support, we are able to offer extensive services and solutions.

As a modern and flexible agency, we have a wide range of expertise at our disposal. Our people are specialists in talent and membership attraction; cost-effective media planning and buying; marketing and branding; creative and digital solutions; and social media strategies.


Matrix MSG

What we do.

We promote the latest innovative targeting methodologies in advertising to help you reach whoever you want, whenever you want.

We can also help you manage your social media presence, through understanding your audience demographic and ensuring that the right creative content is implemented to elevate your brand.

And finally, we also offer honest measurement, reporting and performance analysis. This gives you the insight to ensure your ROI is maximised and optimised throughout any campaign.



Matrix MSG

Next Steps.


Simply get in touch with us to see how we can save you money, time and effort.

Please call Jim Smith on 020 7148 6749 or email in the first instance.